Who we are

We are a creative agency from Olsztyn
For all of us, our customers are visionaries. Each of them has a mission and purpose. Our mission is to help accomplish this mission. By designing modern websites, visual identification, or doing social media, we help our clients and their brands to grow.

Our place

Creative space helps us to think unconventional. We like to be surrounded by visionaries and people who want to live up to their own rules and conditions. We like places where we can breathe, think and take a distance, look at our web pages with fresh eyes. Olsztyn is just such a place. This beautiful city is located in a beautiful environment. Fresh air, beautiful forests, clean lakes. No wonder we want to work here!

Olsztyn gives us the power 🙂

This is where the websites we are making are created. And although we cooperate with clients from all over Poland and abroad, local entrepreneurs usually come to us.


So, if you are looking for a company that creates websites in Olsztyn, drop by us. We will drink coffee, we will talk. You do not need to have an idea for your company website. We are here to advise you. And if you have it – even better! A clear and concrete plan and our creative ideas will definitely translate into an interesting and original website.

Our collaborators

We support

We love our work and we are willing to undertake new projects. We also know that to be fully happy you should not only take but give. That is why we engage in helping others. We graphically support Six-pound run and hope that our actions, though partially can affect their fate.