The 4Decision. com project was not only a challenge for us in terms of graphics and programming, but also a challenge in terms of timing. Brief assumed the creation of a modern website, which will present in an interesting way the solution offered by the project’s creators in a relatively short time. The work on the project went smoothly and as a result it was possible to create a beautiful, functional and impressive website presenting the advantages of 4Decision. com solution.

Modern website

High quality graphics created under Retina, CSS animations and Responsive Web Design technology make the website modern and eye-catching. The vivid colouring referring to the logotype creates a coherent whole, which leads the user step by step.

Animation on the website

What distinguishes our project is certainly animation on the website. The client wanted the website to illustrate the idea of the offered solution. That’s why we decided to create an animation that will not slow down the website.

Konrad Latkowski, 4Decision.com

...meeting deadlines and professional customer care....

“I would like to congratulate the Ideative team for their outstanding performance both in terms of meeting deadlines and professional customer care. Bravo!”

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