Bea’s cookbook

Beata is a culinary photographer. She also runs a blog where she publishes recipes with original photos. She applied to us because she wanted to resign from the template where her previous blog was running. She wanted her blog to be more personal and to reflect her character. We therefore proposed creating a proprietary graphic design.

Blog adapted to mobile

The new design was to be modern and minimalist. The blog is based on the WordPress platform, it is also adapted to mobile devices. The main purpose of the site is to present the author’s photos. They are the central point here. Therefore, the graphics are minimalistic, and the color scheme is based only on black, white and gray.

Features on the blog

The main function of the blog, of course, is presenting the provisions with original photos. In addition, one of the functions of the website was the implementation of the module, enabling the addition of various events and workshops organized by our client. The blog also included films, a search engine, a subscription to the Newsletter and integration with the Instagram account plugin. The whole is complemented by delicate effects on individual graphic elements.

Portfolio for the photographer

In addition to the blog, we have also created a website presenting the Beata portfolio. Both sites are connected via redirection in the menu. The portfolio is mainly based on an interesting scheme of photo presentation. Thanks to the creation of dedicated options in the WordPress panel, we enabled the presentation of photos on the home page in any order and any layout, which was extremely important from the customer’s point of view.

Beata Lubas,

... extremely creative, they put their whole heart into what they do ...

An amazing team! Professional in every detail, extremely creative, they put their whole heart into what they do. I have been working with Ideative for the first time, this time for me to rebrand the blog and portfolio pages for me? and the effect is simply WOW – pages I have dreamed about, which 100% reflect who I am and what I do. I’m delighted!!!!

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