databroker SA

The databroker SA is engaged in providing sales support and promotion services. The challenge for us was to design and implement a company’s website, which presents a wide range of company’s offerings, but at the same time does not overwhelm the content and amount of information.

The main assumption was to make the website interesting, modern and characteristic. We were able to achieve such an effect thanks to the use of strong colours, delicate animations and light typography.

Company website

Our client wanted a clear layout that would distinguish his website from the competition. Strong colours from the colour palette referring to the company’s logotype allowed us to create a project that fully meets the customer’s expectations. The distinctive colour scheme has been subdued by a large number of white and grey.

We also used a simple font and a few CSS animations, which make the corporate website a modern and enjoyable place to view. The website is responsive, so mobile users can easily use it.

Michał Ćwik, databroker SA

...instant action that translates into quality...

“We especially appreciate the high competence and professionalism, fast action, which translates into the quality of your services. We are fully satisfied with the results achieved by Ideative in the implementation of the project entrusted by us. Flexibility, high level of commitment to the given task, consultancy, creativity, which you prove in your activity, strengthen us in the conviction that we have chosen the right business partner for cooperation.”

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