visual identification

Dźwigowa Park

Dźwigowa Park is a new residential development in Warsaw, located near green areas, in the district of Włochy. The developer Belvedere Nieruchomosci from Warsaw, which is the main contractor of the estate, undertook cooperation with our agency in designing the whole visual identification and creating a dedicated website for its new investment.

Creation of a website

The creation of a website for investments in Warsaw was started by conducting a detailed interview with the client about their expectations regarding the website. The information received allowed us to develop the website structure and propose the implementation of specific functions. We started by designing a dedicated graphic design of the main page and subpages. As a result, we have created a website that is simple and clear, yet elegant and functional.

Interactive property plan

The website for the new real estate developed by the Warsaw developer was enriched with an interactive building plan. Thanks to that, while searching for apartments, the website user can easily select the building that interests him or her and view search results only in this object. The search engine also contains a number of other useful information, after which we can filter the results – such as the floor, size, number of rooms or status of the premises.


Every housing investment has not only an original name, but also a logotype that distinguishes it from the competition. The design of the logotype for the Dźwigowa Park residential was based on two variables – elegance and proximity to nature. Due to the location of the investment – nearby to green areas and ponds, we decided to use the leaf shape as the main element of the signet. It is inscribed in the body of the building, which makes the logotype refer to both technology and nature. The choice of colours, on the other hand, makes it possible to create an elegant look.

Visual identity

We have also developed, among others, the following – graphic designs of business cards, folders or e-mail footers. The common element connecting visual identification with the appearance of buildings are vertical strips visible on the facades of the buildings under construction. They have been skillfully used both in visual identification and in the website in the form of a delicate pattern, as well as animation on the main page.

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