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Kinetic Fitness Club

Kinetic Fitness Club is one of the largest fitness clubs in Olsztyn. We were invited to cooperate with the club in the field of graphic design of advertising materials. Our agency designed posters promoting a club offer, invitations, billboards or graphics for social media.

Consistent graphic style

Our client wanted that all materials were not only dynamic and interesting, but also coherent. So we designed a consistent graphic line of projects. Thanks to that, club can build its brand image in the minds of its potential customers through a visual communications. We created a series of occasional graphics for the 10th anniversary of the club – from invitations, posters and social media graphics


The new graphic line has also been used on billboards. We have prepared billboard graphic designs informing about news in the club and special offer addressed to a specific audience.


Advertising stuff

We also used expressive colors and distinctive geometric cutting lines on all kinds of advertising materials – roll-ups, posters and leaflets


Strong and characteristic typography was to emphasize the club’s attractive price offer. We also used it to emphasize the importance of information in promotional, motivational, competition and social media campaigns.

Emilia Kupiec, Manager Kinetic Fitness Club

...projects are always delivered before the deadline...

“With Ideative Creative Agency we have been cooperating for over a year. The company was recommended to us, by satisfied clients. All our work was done with the right amount of creativity and always at the highest level. We appreciate timeliness – projects are always delivered before the deadline that sets the agency. An essential element of our cooperation is flexibility in approaching us as a customer, at every stage of cooperation. The very nice, communicative and relational people who make up the agency are her biggest asset. The friendly atmosphere of business contacts, competence and reliability are the features of Ideative, so I would be happy to recommend the Ideative Creative Agency as the best professionals in the industry.”

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