L.K. Bieleccy

The owners of the Optical Salon Bieleccy came to us with the need to create a new website. Analyzing the previous site, we also proposed a facelift of the salon logo. During our findings and considerations about the brand itself, we came to the conclusion that the previous visual identification needs to be refreshed.



In the current logotype, the name “Optyk. Cabinet of Ophthalmology” appeared. Due to the fact that it is a family business, run for over 30 years, we focused on displaying the names of the owners in the logotype. We have created a project based on a light and delicate font, thanks to which the logo is subtle and elegant. The signal placed above the name refers in part to the shape of the letter “B”, but also to the test luminaires used in eye tests. We have also created an interesting pattern on the basis of the tag, which we can use as a decorative element in the design of the website. It can also be successfully used to create other advertising materials.


New website

The main goal of the new website was to present and systematize the offer of the salon. One of the assumptions we were to follow when creating the graphic design of the site was to distinguish it from the competition. The owners did not care about the standard page, dressed in the standard colors associated with the optical salon. They wanted something fresh, modern and eye-catching. So we created a project based on geometric shapes used in the logotype and unusual colors. We have also implemented interesting animations that make the site dynamic, modern and engage the user’s attention, encouraging further browsing.

Aleksandra Bielecka, L.K. Bieleccy

... We are grateful for the efficiency of execution, professionalism and integrity.

Thank you very much, Ideative, as a whole team for a great job. We are grateful for the efficiency of execution, professionalism and integrity. Thank you for friendly contact and good advice. Contrary to appearances, these days, it is not so obvious in customer service. We will be happy to contact the Ideative team if we have any needs related to our new site. We will certainly also recommend their services!

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