visual identification


Interesting, unique, simple and timeless – such should be a good logo. The logo should also reflect the character of the brand. Otherwise, consumers perceive the luxury brand in a different way as a family brand, and yet in a different way as a typical business brand. Therefore, designing a good logotype is such an important process in shaping the company’s image on the market. It should always take place in close cooperation between the creative agency and the client. See how the process of creating logos looks like.



We always start designing a logotype by talking to the customer and analysing his needs, imagination and brand image that he wants to create in the consciousness of his customers. Only by understanding the needs of our customers we can create a logotype that fully meets their requirements.


Creative process

The creative process begins when the logotype concept is developed. The first step is to prepare a “thought map”, a diagram of associations with the brand and values to be carried. Then working sketches and logotype proposals are created based on selected associations.


Design process

After the preliminary sketches have been prepared, we select those proposals that most reflect the brand image. Based on them, we design three logotype proposals. Each of them is different in terms of colouring, leitmotif, chosen font and symbolism. We present our proposals to the client together with a description of the genesis of each of them.

Logotyp Łomża Zero Esport

Selection of the final project

After presenting the offer, the client decides on the final choice. If he has any additional remarks or thoughts on the selected proposal, we will fine-tune its details. Finally, we prepare the chosen logotype both for printing and for use in a digital environment. We also prepare monochromatic, achromatic, horizontal and vertical versions of the selected proposal (if the design of the sign permits it).

Beauty Spa Logotype

The brandbook

Along with the logotype design, we can prepare a brandbook which contains basic information about the logotype’s construction. We will find here the origins of the logo, its basic and alternative versions. A detailed design of the sign, information about the protective field and colours used. The brandbook shall also contains information about typography used in the sign. It provides information on the use of the logo on different backgrounds, its unacceptable modifications and the way in which the logo is scaled and minimum dimensions.

Logotypes Logofolio Ideative
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