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Opera Apartments

Opera Apartments is a modern residential development located in the heart of Olsztyn. Its main contractor – a developer Dan-Bud Sp. o.o. from Mlawa contact to our agency with the task of create the website for this object. The purpose was clear – we have to design and build a website that will be an elegant, modern and user-friendly.

Website for an investment

We started designing a website by talking with the client and analysis of its expectations and requirements. The site was to be a combination of modern technology, comfortable use and subtle design. We used soft colors chosen for the visual identification of investment and implemented unique solutions that make the site not only functional, but also discovered by users with curiosity.

The website has to present a wide range of 167 comfortable apartments in a simple and easy way. We achieved tha effect thanks to the implementation of an interactive building plan, extensive search engine and graphically prepared appartment cards. Website is mobile-friendly and based on CMS WordPress. It was also our task to create all the content on the site based on the information about the investment received from the developer.

Advertising brochure

We have also created advertising brochure that contains the most important information about the investment. The brochure is used both at the construction trade fair and in the sales office of the investment. We took care about the content, preparation of the graphic design and its printing. The brochure is consistent with the website and the other materials we have created.

Commercial materials

We also designed other advertising materials for the investment – pens, notepads, paper bags, roll-up, engraved powerbanks and printed umbrellas. Consistent graphic materials are used in promotional activities and as gifts for customers. We also prepared a series of press ads published in the local press.

Exclusive promotional materials

As part of our work we have also been asked to design an exclusive investment album for a sales office. The photo album project had to show in an elegant way investment and its benefits. The photo album is made up of 6 spreads on high-quality Silk paper, 1.2mm thick, framed in organic leather with a logo embossed.

Agnieszka Bondar, Dan-Bud Sp. z o.o.

...The company gives more than the contract...

“We are very pleased with the work skills of the Ideative team and their relationship with the customer. The totality of offered services, the perfect understanding of the needs and expectations of customers forge a huge success! We have worked with several companies in the industry and we believe that the Ideative team is 100% professionals in every aspect. Thank you for your work and efforts, and especially for your commitment, because the company gives its more than covers the cooperation agreement”.

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