SHL Poland

SHL poland is a branch of the global brand, which, thanks to innovative solutions in the field of defining the potential of employees, affects the better effectiveness of their work, more effective management of people and helps to make better recruitment decisions. The goal of creating a website was not only to present individual solutions of the company and its offer, but also to present the benefits resulting from them on the example of specific case studies. The company’s website was also supposed to be a compendium of knowledge related to the innovative Talent Central platform, which the company implements with its clients.


WordPress modular website

We began designing the website by researching the client’s needs and analyzing the materials provided to build the most transparent architecture of the site. One of the main elements on which our client depended most was the possibility of expanding subpages with solutions from his offer. That is why we proposed to build a modular website based on WordPress.

This building is based on designing the modules discussed earlier with the client and then implementing them to WordPress in such a way that each next subpage with a given offer solution can be built by the client from the available modules. This means that the subpage does not have a rigid structure and order, and the administrator can freely change the order of individual sections on both new subpages and present.

Thanks to this solution, the administration panel allows extensive expansion of existing subpages with new content or graphics, as well as any construction the appearance of new subpages.


Website for the HR industry

Website contains a number of information about the company itself, its experience, research conducted and innovative solutions introduced to the market. It is also a kind of compendium of knowledge for the company’s clients, in terms of the products offered and the Talent Central platform. The extended “Customer Area” allows you to find information about the platform itself, about trainings, events or about tools, such as employee evaluation questionnaires and tests.

The website also contains forms that allow you to receive free materials at the e-mail address. Each such form is personalized graphically and in color. Providing appropriate data allows you to download unpublished materials, which is additional help for customers seeking support in the field of competence testing and employee development.


Aneta Fita, SHL Polska Sp. z o.o.

We trustfully recommend Ideative.

“SHL Polska has been cooperating with Ideative since August 2018 and the cooperation has been at the highest level from the very beginning. During the cooperation so far, the company has demonstrated reliability, timely deliveries, the ability to flexibly cooperate and understand the client’s needs. We trustfully recommend Ideative to more clients as a reliable and trustworthy provider of modern website services.”

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