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Zakłady Mięsne WARMIA

Zakłady Mięsne “Warmia” is one of the largest producers of meat and cold meats in Warmia and Mazury. Together with the agency Wordsmith PR, which was responsible for the content, we created a new, functional website presenting not only the basic information about the producer, but most of all the entire range of products. Our cooperation has gone a step further and at the moment we are also designing various advertising, promotional and exhibition materials for ZM “Warmia”.


Creating a website

We started the creation of the website from the analysis and development of website architecture. Then we started to create the graphic design of the entire website. It was to be not only compatible with the new visual identity, but also be modern, minimalistic and not overloaded with unnecessary content. During the design process, we focused on the red and black colors so characteristic of our client and the distinction of product images. We have created an intuitive menu and a list of products that can be viewed in a convenient way. The site also contains news, recipes and a chain of stores that can be viewed from the map view and list.

The website is based on the WordPress platform, and the administration panel allows you to fully manage the website, add, edit products, content, stores, news, recipes and all kinds of other content and multimedia.


Advertising materials for printing

Due to the fruitful cooperation in creating the website, we were also asked to design a variety of advertising materials for ZM “Warmia”. As part of our work, we have prepared posters, leaflets, advertising banners, signs, packaging for gadgets, a label, as well as graphics for the interior of company stores located in various cities in our province.


Exhibition materials

We have also prepared a set of exhibition materials for the fair. We designed graphics for stands, rollup, advertising for event catalog and multimedia presentation. All graphic designs are consistent and maintained in the style of the website. Thanks to maintaining a uniform direction in the presentation of advertising materials, the company can build its image not only on the web, but also in the space outside it.

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