Visual Identification

Have you created a new brand and set up your own business? Or maybe after years on the market you realized that you needed consistent corporate materials? We design branding for new brands and refresh the identification of existing ones.


We will help you to execute the vision you have in your mind. And if you have no idea – you can fully take into account our concept. Corporate identity is one of the characteristics that distinguishes it in the marketplace and helps to build its image. Coherent, legible and memorable visual identification is a testament to the high brand awareness and attention to detail in the eyes of customers.



Why even a small company should have visual identification?

Image building

Many entrepreneurs believe that what their brand looks like does not matter much. Unfortunately, consumers and therefore prospective customers of a particular company, buy first and foremost with their eyes. That’s why the look is so important – not just the product itself, but also the brand behind it. Building an image is a long-term process and not just a visual representation of the brand, but also how it communicates with consumers what value it delivers.


Stand out from competition

Well-designed and distinctive visual identification is the distinguishing feature of each brand. It allows consumers to quickly associate a marketing message with a brand and save it in their own consciousness. This is so because most of us are visual learners who remember visual communication better. Visual identification is intended to help a brand differentiate itself from other competing companies in the market.


Consistent and clear visual identification is the key to the perception, of the brand as credible and professional. If your potential customer receives two offers – the first consistent with the logo and the branding theme of the brand, and the second written in a text editor, then which do you think, he will find more professional?


Brandbook helps us to systematize the main assumptions of our brand’s graphic line. Brandbook is nothing but a document in which we will find basic information about our logo. By designing and describing individual elements of visual identification, we maintain consistency and transparency in brand communication, in advertising materials and on company website

What can we design for you?

  • key visual (the leading theme of your brand)
  • logotype
  • brandbook
  • business card
  • corporate offer
  • letterhead
  • email footer
  • business envelope
  • file folder
  • graphic for social media
  • information boards
  • sign
  • graphic for company car
  • company gadgets (pens, mugs, lanyards, pendrives, computer mouse pads, calendars, etc.)
  • advertising materials (leaflets, posters, roll-ups, billboards, banners, press ads, advertising bags, notebooks, promotional brochures, event invitations, and more)
  • exhibition materials (presentation walls, tasting counters, product shelves, stands, pylons, stands, tripods, flyers, etc.)

Ask for a visual identity design for your brand

We would be happy to talk about your business and suggest a visual direction for you to follow.

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