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A well-designed website is not only functional for its users, but primarily effective. Its main task is to meet the goals set in the business strategy of the company. It is the primary tool for acquiring new customers. Therefore, creating a corporate website should be a well-thought-out activity.


What benefits does your own website provide?

Presentation of the company’s offer

A corporate website allows you to present the offer of your services or products. With the admin panel to manage your site, you can add a new service at any time, change the price list shown on the page, or add a new product. The administration WordPress panel also allows you to add business information, run a company blog or newsletter. You have full control over what content will appear on your website and you can fully edit it.

Fitted to your needs

With the dedicated graphic design your website can be fully customized to your business needs and to its visual identification. Each individual graphic design is different, however, it should contain the basic elements that will allow the user to navigate the website smoothly. Visible CTA buttons, intuitive menus, and functional layout make your prospects easy to see your business.

Increase the number of customers

A website is a tool whose purpose should be to attract customers. Adjustment to mobile devices and optimizing a company’s website improves its position in the Google search engine. This in turn translates into a greater number of page views and leads to more potential customers.

Building the credibility of your business

A corporate website is an essential element of communication with your customers. Its absence or improper working may adversely affect the credibility of the business. That is why it is so important not only to create it, but also to regularly update the website and to include opinions of customers, partners and certificates on it.

These are just some of the benefits to your business resulting from having your own website. Thanks to its optimization, you can influence the position of your site on Google and you can also run ads (AdWords or Facebook Ads) that direct customers to your website. You can also run a blog and pass on additional knowledge to your audience, building your position as an expert in your industry.


Responsive websites

The growing popularity of smartphones and tablets makes websites adapted to mobile devices become a standard on the web. The changes in mobile searches introduced by Google also indicate that companies should adapt to the habits of mobile users.


So how do you prepare your site for the era of mobile?

Responsive websites are one of the solutions. RWD (Responsive Web Design) pages automatically adjust to the resolution of the device from which they are viewed. Thanks to this, both on your smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer, the website displays correctly, is clear and transparent.


Thanks to the implementation of responsive web design technology in a company website or online store, we are opening to customers who use mobile devices on a daily basis. Responsive websites enable them to easily navigate, easily make purchases, browse products or quickly contact the company.

What will you get from creating a website?

  • customized graphic design
  • administration panel (WordPress)
  • mobile website
  • 12 months warranty
  • transfer of copyrighted property
  • implementation of the chosen functions (e.g. social media, language module, blog, search engine, newsletter, etc.)
  • integration with external services (Google Analytics, Disqus, FreshMail, MailChimp, LiveChat, etc.)
  • 3 month, free WordPress update service and installed plugins, as well as backup execution.


A website fitted to your needs!

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